Shane T. Watson

Shane T. Watson is a Student Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker based in the Bay Area. After taking one film course in the last semester of his undergraduate studies, Shane knew he wanted to make filmmaking his career. Shane’s films, with a lens on Black life, have screened internationally and won awards at multiple film festivals. 


Shane's work focuses on navigating through his racial and sexual identities and finding community within them. His personal experiences as a gay Black man influence his ideas and are noticeably present in his films. His latest film, I Live Here, based on his experiences living in the Bay Area and his most pressing fear at the time, received a nomination for the 44th Student Academy Awards in 2017. 


Since finishing I Live Here, Shane has worked as an Assistant Editor on multiple feature documentaries and edited a few short films. Currently, Shane is writing his next short film, his first feature script, and editing a personal documentary about family and grief after one's death.


Shane holds a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce and Business from Rhodes College (2014) and a Master of Fine Arts in Film from California College of the Arts (2017).

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