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I Live Here



In his first weekend living in the place he’s always dreamed of, Stevie is excited to get out and explore the Bay Area. Before he can leave the house, he witnesses the drama of his two gay roommates as they insist he join them on their separate visits to places they each deem essential. During this day, Stevie is challenged to dismantle the misconceptions he’s constructed about the places his roommates adore, which inevitably forces him to re-evaluate his place as a gay Black man. As the day progresses Stevie becomes curious about his roommates’ relationship and mistakenly heightens the tension between the two, creating a troubling situation with police when they return home.

I Live Here was written/directed/edited by Shane Watson, a recent graduate of the Master's Film Program at 

California College of the Arts.

Director of Photography

Cast & Crew



Of the sum total 38 nominated films, Shane Watson’s I LIVE HERE is the sole nominee from California College of the Arts. And that’s no small feat. 

A film directed and written by Rhodes alumnus Shane Watson ’14 has been nominated for the 2017 Student Academy Awards presented by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

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