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Teachers' Lounge



Your Teachers' Lounge Interview is set. Please check your email for a calendar invite.

If you have not already done so, please complete this image release form ASAP.

To help you prepare for your interview please review the tips below. All interviews will take place via Zoom. Please download the Zoom desktop application at least 15 minutes before your interview time.

Video-Interview Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while doing your recording


  1. The most important thing to remember is that the answers that you provide to the questions will be used to create the narrative for the story. Please incorporate (in a natural way) the question into your answer so that you respond in full sentences that will make sense to the viewer. An example...What is your favorite color? Don’t just say “blue”, say “My favorite color is blue because there are so many deep rich tones and it reminds me of a cool ocean breeze.”

  2. Try to be conversational, answer as if you were talking to a friend and telling them about your experience.

  3. Please avoid saying “as I said earlier” because what you said earlier may not be included in the final version.

  4. Wear a bold color rather than pastel and avoid busy patterns. Solid gem toned colors (blue, green, maroon, purple) are preferred over black or white.


Tips for Interview set up

  1. Find a quiet place to sit for the interview.

  2. Place your computer on solid surface. Do not place the computer on your lap for the interview.

  3. Close all other applications and windows on your computer before beginning the interview. This will your computer to run smoothly and clear bandwith.

  4. Try to avoid rooms with high ceilings or hardwood floors. They will create echo and poor audio. If possible, close the door to the room.

  5. Capturing video in low lighting is difficult, so do your best to record in a well-lit area. 

  6. Find a bright room and always use the natural light from a window, if available. You want to be looking out of the window with light on your face. 

  7. Never have windows or mirrors behind you  while recording.

  8. Look for a clean background that has some texture to it (i.e. wall hanging, bookcase, artwork). Blank white walls are not great backgrounds.

  9. For framing we like a head and shoulders shot and at eye level. You may need to be creative to get your camera at eye level (use books or box).

  10. Put other devices in Airplane mode. This will prevent unwanted interruptions.

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